Aims and Scope

LITIGASI (p-ISSN: 0853-7100; e-ISSN: 2442-2274; is a peer-review journal with vision to develop law and harmony between Indonesian positive law and the reality in the society.

LITIGASI aims to

  1. Actively participate in national development and reformation of law;
  2. Take part in educating higher education and legal profession in Indonesia;
  3. Provide information on development of law in Indonesia
  4. Enlight people in order to improve people’s knowledge of law

 LITIGASI is published by Fakultas Hukum Universitas Pasundan. LITIGASI covers articles on science of law, legal theories, legal philosophy, social study on law with latest and actual substances. LITIGASI publishes original and scientific articles whose values of novelty in the form of Research findings, Articles, Reviews, and Book Review.