• Muhammad Yamin Fakultas Hukum Universitas Sumatera Utara Medan
  • Zaidar Zaidar Fakultas Hukum Universitas Sumatera Utara Medan


[Registration Of Land As To Minimize The Conflict Over Land]  Observing a lot of land conflicts in Indonesia which is constantly increasing, and followed by the rapidly growing populations that caused the demand for land will also increase automatically. While the number of the available land is limited. This condition will surely causes problems on controlling and ownership of the land. This research aims to identify the factors which causes conflict of land, by doing inventory to the lands which is owned by the community (whether it is registeredor not registered).
The method which is used in this research is empirical normative legalresearch, by using secondary data and primary data. Secondary data is obtained through literature studies, while primary data is obtained directly from interviewees by using interview guide and questionnaire. Research location is at Deli Serdang, from 23 districts in Deli Serdang, 7 districts are taken and were made in samples from each district are assigned 100 respondents.
From this research result, it is known that, the implementation of the land registration in Deli Serdang district  has not happened as expected. It can be seen from the number of land which has not been registered, this condition will certainly trigger conflicts or disputes in society, both ownership boundary disputes, control of illegal land, inheritance disputes. Certificate ownership mostly only exist in urban area. The lack of interest by the community to join the land registration is due to various of reasons, which is:  the community do not recognized the purpose of land registration, the cost is expensive,  the management is convoluted,  the community feels that it is not a necessary to do it, arable land.
Keyword:  Land Registration, Legal Certainty,Conflic.


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Mar 8, 2018
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