• Indra Syamsuri Abdurahman Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa
  • Heni Pujiastuti Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa



The transformation of education, innovation, the Merdeka Mengajar Platform (PMM), user experience, and the learning process


The transformation of education is an urgent need in the current digital era. Innovation is the key to realizing this change. Literature studies show that technology-based education, such as the use of online platforms, can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of learning. One of the prominent innovations is the Merdeka Mengajar Platform (PMM), which has changed the paradigm of education in Indonesia. PMM provides wider access to students and teachers, enables more dynamic interactions, and integrates various learning sources. Direct observation of the use of PMM in the learning process shows that this platform not only provides ease of access but also facilitates collaborative and independent learning. By utilizing user experience analysis, this research aims to evaluate the impact of educational transformation through innovation with a focus on PMM. The observation results show that PMM can increase student learning motivation and make it easier for teachers to provide material. However, challenges such as limited internet access and teacher readiness to adopt technology still need to be addressed. This research provides insights into how PMM concretely affects learning at the practical level. The implications of these findings can provide a basis for further development in optimizing the use of educational innovation, especially through online platforms, to achieve a more holistic and inclusive educational transformation.


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