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  • U Waluyo Universitas Mataram
  • Baharuddin Universitas Mataram




students’ strategies, translation, translation techniques


Translation is an essential skill for language learners, especially students. Many translation techniques can be used by translators. This study aimed to identify the dominant translation techniques employed by sixth-semester students in the English Education Department at state university Z. To comprehend the phenomenon of this study, qualitative research approaches were utilized. Relevant theories were discussed to achieve the research objectives. The data were gathered by asking the students to translate a video and we recorded them when they did it.  A total of 402 utterances of the translation results from the students were used as the data for this study. The researchers analyzed the data by making a transcription of the video. We then read the transcription of the video (translation results from the students), identified the translation techniques used by the students, classified these techniques based on the video, analyzed the data, and made conclusions.  The findings revealed that 11 translation techniques were employed by the sixth-semester students. These techniques include amplification, borrowing, calque, established equivalents, generalization, linguistic amplification, linguistic compression, literal translation, modulation, reduction, and transposition. Among these techniques, literal translation is the dominant translation technique used by students with a frequency125 out of 402 utterances. Keywords: students’ strategies, translation, translation techniques


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