• Undi Siti Sutiawati UIN SMH Banten
  • Ilzamudin Makmur UIN SMH Banten
  • Anita Anita UIN SMH Banten



guessing game, vocabulary, teacher performance


Education is important for the future. Education is absorbed from childhood, even from the womb, to adulthood. Education lasts a lifetime, although formally, education starts from kindergarten or elementary school to university. However, the learning process in classrooms sometimes becomes less enjoyable due to several reasons, such as internal and external obstacles. To create fun learning, several techniques are feasible to apply. One of the steps that can be taken is to apply a game (in this case a guessing game). This study aims to analyze the effect of games and teacher performance on the acquisition of new vocabulary in elementary school children in Serang city. This research applies a quantitative approach by taking into account the principles of scientific research. The results of the analysis show that the 't-observation' is higher than the 't-table', namely 13.48 for 't-observation' and 2,04 for 't-table'. This study proves that guessing games can improve students' vocabulary mastery. In addition, it cannot be denied that the role of the teacher is very important. The results show that the teacher's performance when implementing the guessing game is also very high. This relates to the teacher's central role when implementing games in the classroom. Thus, the guessing game technique and teacher performance have a significant influence on students' vocabulary mastery.


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