Editorial Team

All research articles in this journal undergo rigorous double-blind peer review process, based on initial editorial screening and refereeing by at least two anonymous referees. High quality scholarly communication of this nature requires the collaborative efforts of academics. The journal is professionally managed by a team of editors drawn from the academic and practitioner community for a certain fixed period, and a journal administrator.

Journal of Economic Empowerment Strategy (JEES) is calling from to time professionals with sound academic background to serve as: a) language editors to edit manuscripts reviewed and to ensure that these are grammatically correct, consistent in style and readable; b) associate editors, as the need arises, to assist the editorial board in enhancing the technical aspect of the manuscripts.


Prof. Dr.Uman Suherman, A.S., M.Pd, Universitas Pendidikan, Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Eddy Jusuf Sp., M.Si., M.Kom., Universitas Pasundan, Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Ummi Narimawaati, M.Si, Universitas Komputer Indonesia

Prof. Choi Won-Gyu, Ph.D, Chonbuk National University, Republic of Korea

Dr. Damian Hine, Queensland University, Australia

Budiono, Ph.D, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia

Dr. Arta Moro Sundjaja S.Ko,., S.E., M.M, BINUS University, Indonesia

Dr. Horas Djulius, S.E, Universitas Pasundan, Indonesia

Dr. Doni Purnama Alamsyah, Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika (BSI), Indonesia




Dr. Yuce  Sariningsih, M. Si

Associate Editors                 

Dr. Horas Djulius, S.E

Managing Editor                   

drh. Nia  Nurdiani  M.Si.

Copy Editors                        

Acep Roni Hamdani, S.Pd., M.Pd.

Encoders/Layout Artists     

Purmaningrum Maeni, S.Sn., M.   

Web Masters                        

Fery Mulyanto St, MOS                                                                  

I Made Erie Sucipta, S.Sos

Ethics Reviewers                  

Entin Hartini, S.Sos., M.Si.

Atin Afiatin, S.Sos., M.Si.

Public Relation                  

Yeni Rospiani, S.S., M.M.

Erti Dinihayati, S.Si., M.Stat.

Circulation Managers         

Dede Hikmat S. Sos.          

Management Staff 

Komang Monday Sari, S.Sos

Dini Siti Ramsari, S.Pd