• Dede Zaenal Arif


The purpose of this research is to produce fish crackers from different types of fish, namely catfish and patin fish as well as different types of starch and know the characteristics of a good fish crackers. The benefit that can be expected from this research was to utilize catfish and patin fish abundant potency and add economic value. The method of this research was divided into two stages, namely the first stage is the stage which determines the range of the comparison with the fish flour, determine the type of fish and determine the type of flour used by using the hedonik method of organoleptic parameters. On the second stage has a purpose and that is to analyze chemical and physical fish crackers by comparison. The data were analyzed using the method of experiment results simple linear variable (x) increase in comparison of fish and flour (part). The free variable (y) consists of the response of the color, flavor, aroma, texture, volume and the development levels of crispness. The type of fish and the type of starch correlated against all response organoleptic, except the catfish and tapioca flour was not correlated against sense, catfish and cornmeal were not correlated against the texture of the fish, and catfish and sago flour not correlated against scent. The highest correlation is indicated by the sample composition of the cornmeal and catfish fish total value index by 17 of the total value of the correlation coefficient in classification. The sample was selected based on organoleptic level consumer favorite is with the composition of samples catfish and tapioca flour with a 1:1 comparison (111). Based on the results of the chemical analysis of protein obtained 24,38%, fat content of 1.6%, levels of starch of 44.69% and water content of 5.5%. Physical analysis of the parameter and the mobilising of the volume development of IE of 146.43% and the level of crispness that is of 0.56 mm/s/50gram.


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Jul 31, 2018
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ARIF, Dede Zaenal. CHARACTERISTICS OF FISH CRACKERS BASED ON TYPES OF FISH AND DIFFERENT TYPES OF STARCH. Pasundan Food Technology Journal (PFTJ), [S.l.], v. 5, n. 2, p. 102-110, july 2018. ISSN 2615-1405. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 25 nov. 2020. doi: