About the Journal



Journal MAHUPAS : Mahasiswa Hukum Unpas (e-ISSN: - ; http://journal.unpas.ac.id/index.php/mahupas) is a periodic scientific journal published by the Fakultas Hukum, Universitas Pasundan, with a frequency of publications twice a year, in June and December. Mahupas stands for Mahasiswa Hukum Unpas, which represents law students from Pasundan University, locally, and law students from around the world, globally. The MAHUPAS Journal is an electronic National Journal, which has a vision in the development of legal science, as well as the harmonization of positive law in Indonesia with the problems in society.

Editor Mahupas Journal contains original and scientific articles and has new values in the form, Research Results, Release Articles, Reviews and articles from book reviews that correspond to the systematic writing of each article determined by the Editor.