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  • Frans Asisi Datang Linguistik, Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan Budaya, Universitas Indonesia



There are many variations of verb in the meaning of 'providing information’ in the news text. This diversity of verbs in the same field of meaning often creates similar meanings from one to another. In sentences, these variation of verbs not only functioned to enrich the vocabulary and the beauty of dictions but also can show its function in sentences. It’s relevant with Chaer's statement (2012) which said that utterances or words of synonymous are never have the same meaning. It means, each word has its role and function in giving meaning to a sentence. This research was conducted to look further at the relationship of meaning between verbs which are in the same meaning field. The meaning relations which observed are the similarities and differences between these verbs by looking at the collocate that comes after those verbs. The collocate that accompanies the verb can give an idea of ​​the verb pattern in a sentence. This research using a corpus-based application with the theme 'Reconstruction of the Murder of Brigadier J by Ferdy Sambo'. The final results show that out of thirty published reports, fourteen variations of the verb which means 'providing information' with different collocate patterns are found. This research reinforces Chaer's (2012) statement that some verbs which have a close meaning also have their pattern even though they are in the same meaning field. Keywords: news corpus, verb variations, collocations.  


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