Focus And Scope

Jurnal Linimasa, published twice a year in January And July, as the journal of the study of Communication Sciences. It is available online as open access sources and printed. The main focus of the journal is researches in communication studies which is integrated with contemporary communication sciences, in various perspective.

Jurnal Linimasa aims to encourage research in communication studies. Topics addressed within the journal include but not limited to:

1. Media dan Jurnalism

Media and Journalism discusses production and distribution of reports (on the interaction of events, facts, ideas and  people) that impacts society to at least some degree in the media, including: print, television, radio, and internet.

2. New media and Communication Technology

This field can be said new in the world of Communication Studies because it discusses the ever-evolving communication technology. The field discusses all forms and channels used to convey messages or information in new media channels. The media that is discussed in this sphere includes media that have characteristics: Digital, interactive, Hypertextual, networked, virtual and simulated


3. Theory and Applied Communication

The discussion of the theory and application of Communication Science that relate the use of several theories to answer the problems that exist in the interaction of communication itself. These include discussion of issues in agriculture and the environment, family communication, gender issues, group communication, health communication, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, legal communication, marketing and advertising, media and mass communication, organizational communication, persuasion,  Public Relations, Rhetoric, sports communication, communication technology and city planning.

4. Public Relations

This field is about the communication applied Public Relations. This scope discusses how the interaction and creation of an organization's public opinion in the eyes of society. The sphere of Public Relations can also be interpreted as a deliberately planned effort on purpose, in order to establish and maintain mutual understanding between the organization and its people. In other words, the establishment of two-way communication between the organization and society is the goal of Pubic Relations.

5. Advertising and Visual Communication

Advertising is one of the forms of applied communication which is the main focus on Profetik: Jurnal Komunikasi. Discussion about how the presentation of the material or persuasive message presented to the public becomes the main topic in this field. The study of the process and the form of the dramatization of products sold by the company through the use of printing with artistic design and color in order to attract the attention of consumers or customers become the main interest of the realm of advertising studies.


6. Communication Politic

The essence of politics is talk or interaction. It includes the production and generation of messages by political actors, the transmission of political messages through direct and indirect channels, and the reception of political messages. In short, political communication is concerned with being actively engaged with local, regional, state, national, European, and international issues and how the power of information, persuasion and strategic message design can be used to understand and affect outcomes at those levels, particularly in the area of governance and governmental and societal behaviour.